Have you ever been asked to lie for your boss? Have you ever asked an employee to lie for you?

If you’re cringing, keep reading. My story is an eight-year journey through the underbelly of politics. It is not a trip I recommend and certainly not for the faint of heart. For my family and me, it has been an adventure.

I was a twenty-six-year police veteran. A Captain with the Homestead Police Department. In July 2013, an encounter with an employee changed my life. She was a person I didn’t know very well. An administrative assistant in the Office of Internal Affairs. Our encounter began when she approached me with a story. She was a person who was carrying a burden. She had been served with a subpoena to give testimony in the arrest of a police sergeant. This employee had been involved in a scheme to conceal Internal Affairs records from the public and the courts. The plan was to make it appear as if more than one hundred files had been lawfully destroyed when they had not.

She was afraid to attend her court-ordered deposition and answer the questions of the police union attorneys. She feared that they knew of the scheme and would confront her during her testimony. She confessed everything to me. It was an outpouring of emotion; from someone who had to clear her conscience. Her confession left me with a decision to make. Do the right thing or protect the city.

Protecting the city would have meant destroying the one person who told the truth and protecting those who orchestrated the misdeeds. I talked about it with my family over the weekend, deciding to call the Miami Dade State Attorneys’ office on Monday morning. The phone call that changed my life. I could have never dreamed of the hornets’ nest I was walking into!!

This was an old and well-documented story, but it didn’t end there.

In 2020, an “Invisible Government” began to reveal itself. A hideous truth. Unimaginable abuses of power come to light.

Follow as we explore the underbelly of government. Paul Harvey coined the phrase, “the rest of the story.” If you were with us for the original 2015 blog, “Blame the Secretary,” you could expect more of the same. If not, welcome aboard, and you will be up to speed soon.

I believe you cannot form an opinion or make any good decision until all truths are faced up on the table. Today I’m blessed to be able to share my story with you. Two events in 2020 allowed this to happen. A series of thumb drives combined with one person’s emails turned many truths face up.

So have your favorite beverage ready as we begin with a bit of the old mixed with the new. Very soon, you will meet the enemies of the City of Homestead.

Thank you, and stay tuned, everyone!


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  1. Kevin Sullivan Avatar
    Kevin Sullivan

    Bob. Thanks for the heads Up….Knowing You any account You have to s share ,will be truthful

    Kevin Sullivan

    1. MrBr549 Avatar

      Thank you sir, that means a lot coming from you..👍

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