(Part 2) Homestead’s Shadow Government

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Early 2020, Dr. James Eric McDonough, better known as Doc Justice, from the well-known Facebook page “True Homestead, begins to receive emails. The messages are from a person who knew city hall well and had been a trusted insider. As the newer information came to light, the insider provided invaluable insight into the dirty world of the invisible government.

Let’s begin with an email entitled “Pattern of Behavior.”

A privileged few are considered influencers. People who can sway public opinion.

They’re invaluable in the game of politics. For the scheme to work, the influencer must be a convincing liar or honestly believe they are selling the truth!!

The following email is a reflection of the source. He had begun to question the motives of those leaking information from city hall. Were they serving the public or simply consolidating political power. In his reflections over time, he shares a list of enemies past and present.

The following email is titled Leak, Smear, Debase, Destroy Courtesy of City Hall / Approved by….. In the correspondence, there is what amounts to an enemies list. Take a look, and I’ll see you on the other side.

“Leak, Smear, Debase, Destroy COURTESY OF CITY HALL/APPROVED BY ………”

The enemies list!

The Playbook of Dirty Politics.

People are passionate about good vs. evil. The best distraction from the truth is a counter-offensive painting of the opposition as vile.

First, start your rumor mill with truthful information. Preferably something that can be spun to create outrage. Everybody has done something they’re not proud of, and some of us have plenty of those times in life we wish there was a do-over!

Next, test the waters with believable lies. Manufactured information with sprinkled truths. If your target is a group, find a commonality that binds them. In our case, a group of police retirees is ostracized because of their vocal opposition to the leadership. A group of former city officials is viewed as a political threat. Citizens who speak out about community concerns. Whistleblowers. All are fair game.

Police resources and city staff can be the game-changer in the world of corrupt politics.

“So if Gretsas and Burgess were acting for law enforcement which I don’t know, they still sent info I would have had no access to on private email. If lawful they could have used official email.”

Police agencies have access to almost every aspect of your life, from physical surveillance teams to the most powerful government databases.

The emailer speaks of George Gretsas, the former Homestead City Manager, and Jon Burgess, the former Vice Mayor. As our story develops, you will witness those powerful resources used in the underground game of politics.

Police agencies shouldn’t succumb to that degree of political pressure. When it happens, your local police department becomes a Gestapo. A police squad that serves only to protect the regime’s political power. A forceful arm to an invisible government.

In our next post, we will begin to explore the power of the police and the influence they bring to the table. If two detectives knocked on your door, gold badges hanging from their necks, guns visible, actual police identification. Would you doubt that their inquiry into a major investigation was genuine?

Stay tuned; we will see you in a few days.

Again, thank you for following our story!


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