(Part 4) Targeted Damage

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Leak Smear debase Destroy Courtesy of City Hall

“So if Gretsas and Burgess were acting for law enforcement, which I don’t know, they still sent info I would have had no access to on private email. If lawful, they could have used official email.” ~Quote from the source.

In the world of politics, information is king. It is powerful and profitable. When the Delray Beach City Attorney released the thumb drives, I found out I had been named in an organized crime conspiracy. I was shocked that a law enforcement organization would use its powerful resources to fabricate and publish disinformation.

I was concerned but not nearly as worried as I was when I saw the evidence of physical surveillance and the power of the Federal Government in play. That is when we as a family were haunted by the statement of Monica’s friend. Police Internal Affairs had been to her house to collect information about our family informing our friends that we were targets of a criminal investigation. When you realize that your family is being targeted and this plays out in total secrecy, It’s a scary proposition!!

A Broken Police Chain of Command

A very dark world emerges as we look deep into the data and compare our findings with leaked emails. Today, we begin to peel the onion. Starting with orders from headquarters. The target is Steve Shiver. The direction given is not coming through a police chain of command. Instead, police detectives are accepting orders from well outside of normal operations.


Private Investigators vs. The Police

Private Investigators make a living gathering information and following people. They have a wide variety of clients who collect information on people every day. They have access to publicly available information, but a thick wall separates public data from personal information that you should not see. That is a wall easily penetrated by law enforcement.

What you see above in Blue is literally direction from outside of the police department for two detectives to dig as deep as they can and return information on Steve Shiver. The note highlighted in blue shown above speaks for itself. It is not data being collected for a law enforcement purpose. The request isn’t coming from law enforcement at all. It is the information intended to fuel a political smear campaign, and the records gathered are headed straight to a private Gmail account.

Before we go any further, Except for an occasional friendly football pool, I do not condone criminal behavior. If my friends, acquaintances, family, or people I grew up with are involved in it, it is on them.

So, back to Steve Shiver. Steve can be a well-known polarizing figure. He has been at the heart of politics his entire life. He is not shy about his baggage, and he can be bold and brash. But Steve has the same right to privacy as you, me, and everyone else in America. Some things are off-limits!!

Pay close attention to Dennis Lewis’s name at the bottom of the blue order for info. You will meet Dennis soon in a future post, and you won’t be disappointed.

Suspicious Activity Reports

Banking Suspicious Activity Reports are literally the diamonds of data. No Private Investigator on the planet can access one. They are protected by FinCEN / The United States Treasury Department. It is a federal crime to share one outside of an authorized investigation. If one of these can make its way to a private Gmail account, it is pure political gold. These reports are required by the Federal Government for financial institutions to report irregularities in banking to the U.S. Treasury. Basically, it is the government monitoring your money.

To learn more about SAR Files. (Click the link below)


So, how did I end up with two of them? They came as part of the secret world of the “Invisible Police” and George Gretsas.

Suspicious Activity Report
Suspicious Activity Report

Straight From an FBI Field Office to a Gmail Account. The Ingredients to Start a Pot of Political Smear.

Remember, every practical conspiracy theory and disinformation campaign is fueled with some truth. My prime example is my face at the top of a money laundering conspiracy.

As always, thank you very much for following our story. You will soon meet Dennis Lewis and the Felon Sign Brigade on our way to the 2019 election.

When Policemen Break the Law, there is no law, Just a fight for survival!


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  1. Judson Witham Avatar
    Judson Witham

    See Trillions Looted Trillions Laundered by Judson Witham


    People have to go to jail, its not a “SWAMP”!

  3. Chris Avatar

    Steve Shiver and his family especially his Mother were always kind thoughtful and very fair to our family. There are a lot of ppl who think they own Homestead because of being born and bred here. A lot of non born residents have made a fortune in Homestead the old way by working and ignoring ppl that think their money controls everyone. I supported Steve Shiver and Steve Bateman for political offices as well as Steve Losner. Gratsas was a thief with skillful training in technology and a hustle group that played the city council to the hilt…

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