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(Part 5) Destroy enemies of the City

Miami Dade State Attorney- any files we can access?”

Destroy the enemies of the city. That is the mission. Contained in the secret files are a series of orders. Orders for police personnel that read like a grocery list. Each person perceived as an enemy has their own agenda.

Like a powerful mob acting with impunity, Police Internal Affairs’ mission is to destroy the reputations of the enemies at all costs. They will follow you and access every detail of your life.

Meet The Felon Sign Brigade

The Felon Sign Brigade
The Felon Sign Brigade
The Felon Sign Brigade
The Felon Sign Brigade
The Felon Sign Brigade

Rodney Brown

The Felon Sign Brigade

Although I do not have the complete data on Rodney Brown, you get the picture.

“Inventory criminal background of Dennis Lewis- Point out this is his business partner.”

The order comes from outside the police department. The word “inventory” is frequently used as if political enemies are monitored, and any embarrassing, incriminating, or otherwise damaging information is kept on a shelf to be used as needed.

The surveillance data you see above relating to “The Felon Sign Brigade” was gathered in 2018 and then used in a Miami Herald Article during the 2019 election season.

May 2019, The Election Season is Underway

Generally, you don’t think of May being part of a November election season, but it is. Candidate filing has begun, fundraising efforts are alive, campaign managers are generally in place, and the season starts.

In municipal elections, data must be filed with the local city clerk. City Hall is the first to know how well financed, who’s contributing, who’s managing, and generally how big of a threat political newcomers and old-timers to the game can be.

May 3rd, 2019

On May 3rd, 2019, Monica and I visited City Hall for me to begin the process as a candidate for the November election. By May 21st, the first in a series of articles appear in The Miami Herald relating to former Homestead Mayor Steve Shiver.

Let’s take a look.

The Miami Herald


Photos Look Familiar?

By nature, police surveillance photos paint a picture. If your image is published due to police surveillance, chances are you weren’t sitting in church.

In this case, a surveillance team monitors three men. They capture video and photos during the 2018 election season. The pictures and video were stored in a secret file titled “The Felon Sign Brigade.” Almost a year passes, and suddenly, the photos and video appear in a Miami Herald article with a litany of information.

Could there be a Ghostwriter at City Hall?

Look closely at this email string from May 22, 2019. The day after the article appeared.

  • 10:17 A.M. Trusted Insider shares the article to the now famous Gmail Account.
  • 1:22 P.M. City Manager Gretsas sends a one-word response. “Thoughts?”
  • 1:29 Trusted Insider responds, “Uh-oh, sounds like my favorite reporter might have had a ghostwriter.” “It was a well-researched article.” “Tony Soprano acolyte, I am always about retribution.”
Well Researched Article

“A well-researched article. Tony Soprano acolyte, I’m always about retribution,” quips the City Hall Insider.

Let’s Peel The Onion

Rules/laws governing public records must be strictly adhered to. Transparency in Government is one thing that separates us from authoritarian dictatorships.

Research Data:

What resources and data have we seen that can be used in a well-researched article?

  • Suspicious Activity Reports from an FBI Field Office?
  • An experienced well, funded police surveillance team with sophisticated monitoring capabilities?
  • A willingness of public employees to knowingly violate state and federal law?

Back to: “The Felon Sign Brigade.”

You have been looking at a case file detailing a 2018 surveillance. Three men followed throughout Miami, with their actions being video recorded and still photography used to document their activities.

Surveillance Photographs with each of the men’s criminal records are placarded for public viewing.

One big problem: No Official File In Existence.

Every investigation should have an Offense/Incident Report. As mentioned before, the 1,2,3’s of police work must be followed. A daily report must be completed when a surveillance team goes to work.

All of the tracking and transparency protocols are missing in the cases you are witnessing.

Once the files hit the famous Gmail account or some other device outside of police control, they disappear!

So, let’s try and find a report for “The Felon Sign Brigade.”

Public Records Request
Email Response

No Records Found with the Information Provided

My request, which includes the photos you are looking at, was forwarded from City Hall to the Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau. The City denies any records exist regarding “The Felon Sign Brigade.”

So, let’s keep digging for the truth.

Metadata Doesn’t Lie

Jason King- Conference Room Desk Top

“Shiver and Substance Abuse” is the title. The metadata reveals the draft of the news report was created in June at City Hall. This article was the second in the series and originated from a Macintosh HD in a City Hall Conference Room.

Somehow information contained in files that do not exist, wound up in the assistant to the city manager’s computer.

Assistant to The City Manager Jason King sent the story drafts to a Herald reporter who published them. Remember the quip from “Trusted Insider” regarding a ghostwriter in the May article?

Updated September 2020

Updated September 23, 2020 9:16 AM

This Herald article was initially published on July 3, 2019, during the heat of the election campaign season. For some reason, the reporter updated the report on September 23, 2020. I cannot say what was edited; I didn’t explore the article after the amendment, but the timing is suspicious.

The files that had been secretly stored in Homestead were found and declared public records in Delray Beach by August 2020. (Official Misconduct, 3rd-degree Felony)

Three Men become a target. Not because they’ve been implicated in a crime.

They are part of an Inventory of information!

When City Hall calls for an inventory, they are not reporting a crime or calling for an investigation that solves or clears a crime. They are looking for anything that can be used to damage someone. Just like my photo at the top of a faked organized crime chart. Dennis, Antwon, and Rodney became a featured display in a public-funded smear campaign.

Secret surveillance through Miami and the resulting files were kept private and deployed to dish out political damage. All of the men highlighted were doing nothing more than trying to earn a day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

Information from the most powerful and secure state and federal databases is being used to dig up dirt on enemies of the city.

Stay tuned and meet a gentleman who became part of the data inventory simply because of a house he chose to purchase.

Many thanks to everyone following; we appreciate the time you take to read our story.

Have a wonderful day, everybody!!

We leave you with a quote from Miami Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle regarding the arrest of an FHP Trooper for Official Misconduct.

Kathy Rundle regarding FHP Trooper charged with Official Misconduct
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