Investigative Report, but Who Are the Investigators?

If you have been following us through each part,

  • You now know that police surveillance teams were following people.
  • Powerful Government databases were utilized to collect data on citizens.
  • The information collected was moved via private email and stored “off the books.”

“Come on, you know how this works; last-minute crush with no rebuild.”

“This Sundays Herald, they gonna drop before election day.”

This is a quote from an anonymous blog site The site amounts to a rumor mill for police which in 2019 allowed posters to remain anonymous. You expect this type of rhetoric during the election season. Anonymous blog sites are more often than not toxic and disgusting. They are also famous breeding grounds for America’s most prominent conspiracy theories. So, at the time, I didn’t read much into it and continued to press on.

Rumors and Rhetoric

So in the lead to the election-related Miami Herald articles, there was always escalation in rumors and rhetoric. It wasn’t until the thumb drives, trusted insiders, and email releases that we realized how much involvement police and city staff had in the “Investigative Reporting” published by the Herald. As you witnessed in “The Felon Sign Brigade,” surveillance photos captured throughout Miami Dade County made their way to a front-page story.

City Staff Working on behalf of chosen candidates?

At best, it is difficult for anyone to step into the political world without substantial funding and support. Raising money for a newcomer is a challenge, and the power brokers decide who is worthy of a large amount of campaign cash. Even the smallest cities have become beholden to “Big Development.” Their goal is to guarantee approval of as many front doors per acre of land as possible, maximizing profits.

So, overcoming Big development is a challenge, but imagine facing city staff working on behalf of incumbent politicians and the chosen few. A police unit literally doing opposition research utilizing the most powerful government resources. City staff generating politically charged news articles. You have an unbeatable combination and all those participating demand “loyalties” in return.

Today I leave you with a public records request. It speaks for itself, and we will see what it returns. In the meantime, we will continue our journey through the dark world of dirty politics.

Have a wonderful day, everybody!!!

Public Records Request


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