It’s a dirty business


My name is Bobby Rea and with me is my life partner and best friend, Monica Moreno. Life’s journey has taken us to a place few will ever have to go. The underbelly of your local government. A place where politicians, power, police, and money collide.

Our adventure took us through a seven-year maze that begins with a whistleblower, dives deep into a shadow government that even a career police officer could never imagine, and ends with a blessing.

In 2020, someone who followed my previous blog “Blame the Secretary.” Then followed, my campaign for City Council released a series of private emails that were never supposed to see the light of day.

The emails began to paint a picture. Later, a series of thumb drives containing documents were discovered in Delray Beach. The former Homestead City Manager George Gretsas inadvertently left them to be found.

Using the emails as a roadmap and the documents to fill in the gaps. A disturbing story of a powerful shadow government develops.

That’s where our story begins.